(C250) EN124 Road Gully Cover Round Ductile Iron Manhole Cover and Frame

Material: nodular cast iron, gray cast iron Size: OEM/ODM Executive standard: EN124 LOGO embed: available Bearing pressure: 25.0T (max) Shape: Round, square, rectangular

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The standard grade is c250, which means that the manhole cover can still be used normally when the center point is subjected to a force of 250 kN for five minutes. In the European EN124 standard, the pressure of the manhole cover is divided into the following six standards: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900 Namely: the pressure is 1.5 tons, 12.5 tons, 25 tons, 40 tons, 60 tons and 90 tons. A load of 25 tons is considered heavy Generally used in urban non-main roads and small motor vehicle lanes. Under normal circumstances, it can be used on roads or parking lots where there are no large trucks. The installation of the ductile iron manhole cover is not completely completed after it is placed on the wall of the well. In addition to certain maintenance, it also needs to be reinforced. This is mainly to enhance its safety and durability, and to be better. To ensure the safety of pedestrians on the road and the quality of the manhole cover, how should it be reinforced? 1. Determine the height of the well masonry according to the design requirements of the reinforced well circle. Before installing the steel frame, the foundation pit should be cleaned up. The wall of the ductile iron manhole cover shall be densely poured with low-grade concrete and leveled. The steel frame should be processed into a square shape, which is consistent with the position of the well head when installed, and the protective layer of the steel bar should be ensured. 2. Well circle reinforcement and ductile iron manhole cover installation should be carried out before the construction of the asphalt surface layer, and the shape and size of the well circle reinforcement should be determined in accordance with the size of the manhole cover and the design requirements of the reinforced well circle. Generally, it is a square with the well head as the center, and a cutting machine is used to cut the seam to dig out the pavement structure within the reinforced range of the well circle. 3. The pre-embedded bolts can be installed at the same time as the well frame, or they can be positioned with a mold. The bolts should be placed vertically, and the nuts should be tightened before pouring the concrete to effectively connect them with the concrete and the reserved holes of the well frame.
承受应力水平 C250型
最大承压轴承 25吨
生产标准和设备 EN124(装配线设备和机械的生产)
圆形(D*外径*高) 方形(内径*外径*高)
900 * 1000 *80毫米 600 * 700 *35毫米 800 * 1200 *40毫米 500 * 750 *40毫米
800 * 900 *80毫米 500 * 600 *35毫米 800 * 1000 *40毫米 500 * 500 *35毫米
800 * 900 *50毫米 400 * 500 *35毫米 750 * 1500 *35毫米 450 * 750 *35毫米
700 * 800 *50毫米 700 * 850 *70毫米 750 * 1000 *35毫米 400 * 600 *35毫米
700 * 800 *50毫米 700 * 800 *70毫米 800 * 800 *40毫米 400 * 400 *35毫米
680**780*50毫米 700 * 800 *65毫米 700 * 700 *35毫米 300 * 500 *35毫米
670 * 770 *35毫米 600 * 800 *40毫米 300 * 300 *35毫米
600 * 600 *35毫米
承受应力水平 C250型
最大承压轴承 25吨
生产标准和设备 GB/T23858-2009(手工模具生产)
圆形(内径*外径*高) 方形(内径*外径*高)
1000 * 1150 *80毫米 1500 * 1500 *60毫米 1000 * 100 *45毫米
1200 * 1500 *50毫米 830 * 1650 *60毫米
1200 * 1200 *45毫米 1000 * 1500 *45毫米
1000 * 2000 *60毫米 1000 * 1200 *45毫米

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