(B125) EN124 Road Gully Cover Round Ductile Iron Manhole Cover and Frame

Material: nodular cast iron, gray cast iron Size: OEM/ODM Executive standard: EN124 LOGO embed: available Bearing pressure: 12.5T (max) Shape: Round, square, rectangular

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The bearing capacity of the manhole cover B125 is 12,500 kg. Under normal circumstances. The center point is more than 12.5 tons of force and can still be used normally, which belongs to the standard of EN124 B125. And the B125 manhole cover produced by our factory can support +5% pressure. That is, theoretically allow 15-ton trucks to pass. And exceed the normal life span for more than 5 years. Use on slow roads can increase the service life by more than 10 years. The ductile iron manhole cover has good toughness. The impact value is detailed with that of medium carbon steel, which is more than 10 times that of gray iron materials. Strong corrosion resistance. In the water spray corrosion test, the amount of corrosion in 90 days is only 1/40 of that of steel pipes and 1/10 of that of gray iron pipes. The service life is twice that of gray iron pipes and 5 times that of ordinary steel pipes. The strength of ductile iron is comparable to that of cast steel. Nodular cast iron has a higher yield strength, with a minimum yield strength of 40k, while the yield strength of cast steel is only 36k. In most municipal applications, such as water, salt water, steam, etc., the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron exceed those of cast steel. Nodular cast iron manhole cover is mainly made of nodular cast iron. The quality of this manhole cover involves the problem of spheroidization rate. The commonly used paint for castings is anti-rust asphalt paint. Of course, the surface of the ductile iron manhole cover is also sprayed with anti-rust asphalt paint. An advantage of ductile iron manhole covers is that due to the high strength and toughness of ductile iron, ductile iron manhole covers are about 30% lighter than gray cast iron manhole covers of the same type. How to choose a manhole cover 1. (A15 type): Green belts, sidewalks and other areas where motor vehicles are prohibited from entering. 2. (B125 type): sidewalk, non-motorized vehicle, car parking lot and underground parking lot. 3. (C250 type): residential quarters, back streets and alleys, areas where only light motor vehicles or small vehicles run, within 0.5m of curbs on both sides of the road. 4. (D400 type): urban arterial roads, highways, expressways and other areas. 5. (E600 type): Cargo terminal, wharf, airport and other areas. 6. (F900 type): Airport runways and other areas.
Withstand stress level B125
Maximum pressure bearing 12.5  tons
Production standards and equipment EN124 (production of assembly line equipment and machinery)
Round shape(D*OD*H) Square shape(ID*OD*H)
900*1000*80mm 600*700*35mm 800*1200*40mm 500*750*40mm
800*900*80mm 500*600*35mm 800*1000*40mm 500*500*35mm
800*900*50mm 400*500*35mm 750*1500*35mm 450*750*35mm
700*800*50mm 700*850*70mm 750*1000*35mm 400*600*35mm
700*800*50mm 700*800*70mm 800*800*40mm 400*400*35mm
680** 780*50mm 700*800*65mm 700*700*35mm 300*500*35mm
670*770*35mm 600*800*40mm 300*300*35mm
600 * 600 *35毫米
承受应力水平 抗氧化剂 B125
最大承压轴承 10吨
生产标准和设备 GB/T23858-2009(手工模具生产)
圆形(内径*外径*高) 方形(内径*外径*高)
1000 * 1150 *80毫米 1500 * 1500 *60毫米 1000 * 100 *45毫米
1200 * 1500 *50毫米 830 * 1650 *60毫米
1200 * 1200 *45毫米 1000 * 1500 *45毫米
1000 * 2000 *60毫米 1000 * 1200 *45毫米

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