(D400) EN124 Road Gully Cover Round Ductile Iron Manhole Cover and Frame

Material: nodular cast iron, gray cast iron Size: OEM/ODM Executive standard: EN124 LOGO embed: available Bearing pressure:40T (max) Shape: Round, square, rectangular

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The inspection manhole cover under the sidewalk, and the D400 level of the manhole seat is the city's main roads, highways, expressways and other areas. For use on roads, at least the test load of 36 tons specified in the "Cast Iron Manhole Cover" standard must be reached. With the development of cities, roads are getting wider and wider, the traffic volume is increasing, the load capacity is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the bearing capacity of the manhole cover are getting higher and higher. Therefore, manhole covers made of new materials must not only meet the existing "cast iron manhole covers" standard, but also exceed this standard. If a new manhole cover standard is to be formulated, it is recommended that the classification and regulations of the load-bearing capacity should refer to the European standard EN124, and the load-bearing capacity of manhole covers used on motor vehicles should not be less than 40 tons! Standard size of manhole cover The size of the manhole cover is generally 600mm, 700mm and 800mm. Generally speaking, the manhole cover of 600 means that the diameter of the cover is 600. Then the effective diameter of the lower part of the population must be smaller than 600, and it will be 550 under normal circumstances. About Advantages of D400 ductile iron manhole cover, good toughness. The impact value is similar to that of medium carbon steel, more than 10 times that of gray iron. Strong corrosion resistance. In the water spray corrosion test, the amount of corrosion in 90 days is only 1/40 of that of steel pipes and 1/10 of that of gray iron pipes. The service life is twice that of gray iron pipes and 5 times that of ordinary steel pipes. Good plasticity. The elongation rate is ≥7%, which is similar to that of high-carbon steel, while the elongation rate of gray iron materials is zero. high strength. Tensile strength ób≥420MPa, yield strength ós≥300MPa, which is the same as low-carbon steel and three times that of gray iron materials. There are many types of manhole covers, including H composite cover, composite cover, pe cover, stainless steel cover, ductile iron cover, resin composite well groove, stainless steel cover, etc. The composite manhole cover adopts high temperature and high pressure one-time compression molding technology, with high degree of polymerization, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength, and has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, and maintenance-free. It is widely used in municipal construction, real estate development, gardening, energy, electricity, communications, intelligent transportation and other fields.
Withstand stress level D400
Maximum pressure bearing 40  tons
Production standards and equipment EN124 (production of assembly line equipment and machinery)
Round shape(D*OD*H) Square shape(ID*OD*H)
900*1000*80mm 600*700*35mm 800*1200*40mm 500*750*40mm
800*900*80mm 500*600*35mm 800*1000*40mm 500*500*35mm
800*900*50mm 400*500*35mm 750*1500*35mm 450*750*35mm
700*800*50mm 700*850*70mm 750*1000*35mm 400*600*35mm
700*800*50mm 700*800*70mm 800*800*40mm 400*400*35mm
680** 780*50mm 700*800*65mm 700*700*35mm 300*500*35mm
670*770*35mm 600*800*40mm 300*300*35mm
Withstand stress level D400
最大承压轴承 35吨
生产标准和设备 GB/T23858-2009(手工模具生产)
圆形(内径*外径*高) 方形(内径*外径*高)
1000 * 1150 *80毫米 1500 * 1500 *60毫米 1000 * 100 *45毫米
1200 * 1500 *50毫米 830 * 1650 *60毫米
1200 * 1200 *45毫米 1000 * 1500 *45毫米
1000 * 2000 *60毫米 1000 * 1200 *45毫米

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